Who likes to eat?


Who likes to cook?



We’re open to serve you what you want, when you want it all day long.



Come on in for breakfast that gets rolling at 8am daily featuring fresh cracked egg omelettes or a bodacious biscuits & gravy. Our lunch gives a nod to what people want for lunch.  Sandwiches and Salads prevail, but if you roll out of bed later, fear not, as we serve our entire breakfast menu until 3pm daily.

Cooks Tavern celebrates that act of cooking for you in a cozy neighborhood setting tucked into the Proctor neighborhood in north Tacoma.  Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails seven days a week, we provide a menu celebrating the food of the Americas with a healthy shot of comfort foods – many familiar and perhaps some items not so familiar.  We traverse the WORLD from Montreal to Paris to Machu Picchu with a new menu every four months celebrating the food, beverages and worldly cultures of a new region – but fear not as we retain a set menu of our favorite, in-the-pocket dishes year round.

Our dinner menu offers up an assortment of small plates and large plates to take the edge off of a rough day.  While you’ll always find a fine roast chicken, a cast iron griddled steak, and a simply grilled local fish on the dinner menu, we also introduce everything from a Cuban Mariscado to a Québécois  Poutine to a slow braised Chilean Carne Machada.  But fear not!  We offer you a handful of sandwiches and breakfast items for dinner if you’re wanting to stay closer to home.

Bring the kids or not!  Cooks takes care to offer a standard and comprehensive menu for our littlest customers. They are able to enjoy and experiment with some far reaching cuisines as our ‘little chef’s’ menu delivers some regional American specials for the adventuresome short eater.





An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks to be consumed on the premises,

sometimes also serving food.


Yep, we’ve got the beer……14 taps of mostly Northwest beers will be rotated through Cooks on an ongoing basis.  We have cocktails too, but fear not, we won’t get all fussy about it in our Little Chef’s lounge.  If you’re in the mood for a bottle of wine, Cook’s has a 50 item wine list that will do a little moving around as well based on the region that we will be visiting throughout the year.


3201 N 26th St, TACOMA, Wa 98407

• Sun-Thurs: 8am-10pm • Fri & Sat 8am - 11pm •

 Telephone: 253.327.1777